123Movies, you all know 123movies from somewhere or from some friend or you find it searching your favorite movie or your favorite TV series online to watch. Well, you really now 123Movies, but the real one is dead for almost 1 year, BUT:

  • 123Movies is not really dead, 123movies will allways be online because are lots of clones, and not all the clones are bad in this kind of situation, basically you need to find the right similar 123movies official website (123movies.to) to watch your favorite movies and TV shows online for free.
  • 123Movies is now on Wikipedia, you can find more related and good information about 123movies and all the history by clicking here on Wikipedia.
  • 123Movies have few good clones, so as I said before, if you find the right one you will not feel that you are not in the 123Movies similar website, you will think 99% that you are on the right one. Good one will be 123movies2019 and 0123movies – hope you like one of them and watch free movies and tv series online in good HD quality.

Also if you search on Google for 123movies similar websites you’ll find lots of articles with lots of websites, but in my opinion, you need to understand how one site works very easy and then you dont need to find everytime the play button or things like pop-ups and lots of advertisments that you don’t like to see.