When the first websites were created it was more of a novelty than an effective means of communicating with others.  But as time progressed and the technologies made it easier and common place to use the internet for a wide variety of things, the sheer utility of websites came to be realized in full.

How mobile apps are an extension of the websites

The coming of mobile apps are to be taken as a further march of technology that aims at bringing greater accessibility to people that use the smart phone than the more cumbersome laptop or desktop.  It is in many ways an adaptation of the website but to a more specialized use that involves a much smaller display area.

It is to be noted that the apps are more interactive than the typical websites.  Thus a more focused result or approach can be had than with the use of a plain vanilla website. They are advanced application of technology that is meant to produce a better effect in meeting the requirements of the people and of businesses using them.

How focus can help bring about a more efficient business

As is the past experience, the future business practices are more result oriented than the past and it is often tools like the websites at first and with the apps later on, that brought about changes in the business environments that introduced the element of more efficient working of the enterprises.

By being more focused in the area of operation, businesses are able to address better the concerns and needs of the customer as and when they arise.  This brings in a speed of response that had not been matched by any other use of technology earlier in time.  To attribute this to a better efficiency can be wrong as often there are a number of enterprises that do not focus on increasing sales per se, as their first objective.

The more approachable technology

If there has been a constant factor in using more advanced technology, then it is the fact that it is more approachable.  Often the introduction of better tools to handle the advances is what makes this possible at best.  Thus came about computers at first, then the smart phones later on in use.  It could be said that technology in this case preceded the changes in practices.

Also, nowadays even websites like 123movies is back started promoting themselves on apps, as a proof that this method is working for any kind of businesses if you choose the correct target that brings you succces.